Month: June 2018

  • 3 Frugal Practices Rich People Do

    Financial freedom, savings for the kids’ education and funds for annual vacation trip are the
    most advantages of rich people. But people they become wealthy, they have learned to
    embrace the practices of frugality.
    Frugality does not mean that you tend to buy cheap materials just because you are living
    from paycheck to paycheck. It’s more of using money practically and wisely. The question
    is, how do people become rich?
    Three practices of frugality that rich people do are as follows:

    1. They don’t buy things on sale

    People always fell on this trap every end of the month. When you think about it further, you
    don’t really need those items that are on sale. In fact, malls can to attract you to buy things
    using the following terms:
     50% off
     20% discount
     Buy one take one
     Buy 3 get 1 free
     3 day sale

    2. Rich people don’t buy unnecessary expenses

    Wise people who wish to have financial freedom are eager to determine which of the
    monthly expenses they can eradicate. For instance, all of the family members are working
    or even at school for the entire day, no one is watching television but you are paying almost
    Php1,000.00 for the cable, it’s time to cut your subscription.

    3. Buying the latest gadgets

    Though in reality, you will see a wealthy family that boasts of all the materials things that
    money can buy. But, little did you know that for as long as their mobile phones are
    functioning well, they will not buy the latest gadgets. They know the value of every coin
    they spend.

    Financial freedom can be attainable if you don’t depend on your happiness in buying the
    materials you do not really need in life. Detach yourself from wanting things that are only
    the current trend but not useful.