Stucco has turned out to be one of the most opted choices for property owners due to its appearance, durability, and low-maintenance needs. When stucco is correctly applied to a home, it could last even more than 50 years given that it’s taken care of properly. To make sure that it prolongs its lifespan, it’s important to do the proper maintenance that it needs.  

Even though stucco is relatively affordable and easy to maintain, you would still have to keep it up regularly. Otherwise, it will begin to appear more worn out, and will eventually cost you a lot of money to have it fixed. Sometimes, this causes your home value to be reduced in terms of its curb appeal. If you want to know how to maintain the stucco Victoria on your property, keep on reading below: 


Once you apply your first stucco to your house, make sure to have it sealed. Due to its porous nature, stucco should be secured against any moisture. Usually, something similar to a clear concrete masonry sealer is applied. Then, it will penetrate through the stucco so that it can keep any moisture to get in. One sealant application at the start of the installation is a beginning, but that’s not all you need to do. You still have to reapply the sealant on your stucco surface every 5 years or more.  


Similar to any other exteriors of your home, stucco can easily get dirty. Outdoor elements can make dirt be collected on top of it, making your house look nasty. Since stucco is made of porous materials, it can be seeped within and hold onto stains once they aren’t cleaned immediately. Because of that, you need to clean it more often. Simply spraying the exterior of your home using your power washer or your garden hose in a low setting enables you to wash away the stains and dirt on your stucco.   

The most effective way to clear away dirt from your stucco is misting it with water at first to let any caked-on dirt be penetrated and eventually loosen up. After doing so, use a high-pressure washer and start spraying it from the top to the bottom, allowing the dirt to be led towards the ground.  

Elastomeric Coating 

When your stucco is already old, perhaps you might need to consider applying an elastomeric coating, particularly when cracks are visible. This coating is intended to help the moisture be kept out, as well as sealing up hairline cracks. Moreover, it has flexible characteristics, that allow it to stretch once a crack starts growing and widening beneath the seal. That way, your applied sealant can still keep out the water while cracking. Usually, this kind of sealant would last ten years or even more.  

Overall, stucco is a good option for several property owners since it is low-maintenance compared to other materials. You can easily clean it using a garden hose every few weeks. And with a properly applied sealant, you can relish the stucco’s attractive look on your house for decades.