Car Care

  • How do I care for my tires?

    Your tires are the only point of contact that your car has with the ground or the road. Make sure that they are always in good condition to ensure your safety. here are some tips to avoid tire problems.

    Inspect your tire

    Always spend some time inspecting your tires before you go for a ride. You may not always notice some damage and this can be dangerous. Have a professional inspect your tires once a year too.

    Respect the load capacity

    Make sure that you do not exceed the load capacity of your car since it is directly related to the load index of your car. Too much load can blow up your car and cause a major accident to you and the people around you.

    Check the air pressure

    Incorrect tire pressures can affect the car’s handling and braking. This can seriously compromise your safety, especially in wet conditions. Severely under-inflated tires can cause heat build-up. Check your tire pressure every month or before a long drive.

    regular professional check up

    Regular tire maintenance including rotation, alignment, and inspections can greatly help you save a lot of money since it can extend the life of your tire. This means you do not have to buy a tire too often. Under or over-inflated tires don’t last long since they don’t wear evenly. If the tires are consistently 20% under-inflated, they will last 20% less than they should. When it should last 60,000 miles would be worn out by 48,000 miles. Add to that, under or over-inflated tires can cause your car to burn more fuel.


  • What to Consider When Buying a Car

    Choosing the best car for you is more than just the brand and the color. It is looking for a vehicle that will give you a long time convenience.

    When buying a car, there is more than what meets the eye. Here are some tips:

    Your purpose

    When choosing a car, you need to have a  clear purpose in mind. Are you a single person who just wants to drive to work and get home while avoiding the commuting crowd? Or perhaps you are starting your family and you need a car to drive your kids to school. If you need a vehicle for your small business, you will need a van or a small truck.

    Your driver’s seat and Test Drive

    When buying a car, you have to try sitting in the driver’s seat. Take note if you are comfortable, if the setas are easily adjusted, and if you have enough leg room. Take note of the little things that might cause some annoyance. It may not seem much for now, but it might take a toll on you after a long time.

    Dealership Packages

    If you are buying a car from a dealership, you have to take note that they offer certain packages. consider what you need and want in these packages. If there are things that you do not need, ask if they can replace them or if they can offer a discount.

    Add to that, you need to know if they will take care of the car loan process of you or if you have to do it personally. Some dealers are partnered with banks while others are not. However, if they do it for you, they might charge more.


  • Best Car Care Tips to Save Money

    Taking care of your car does not only mean that you don’t get the hassle of it breaking down unexpectedly. Add to that, you can save money on the costs of car insurance and repairs.


    We get that rain rarely happens during the summer, but there are times that it suddenly pours. Worn wipers create nasty streaks on your windshield. This can affect your vision while driving. Add to that, replacing your windshield can be too costly. When you get an oil change, ask them to also take care of your wipers. Or if you are buying a car, ask the dealership for a good quality wiper that can last long.


    No matter the season, you have to regularly check your tires. Tire pressures must be correct. You can see this in the information the inside of the fuel door or the driver’s door jam. Good tire condition means no cracks, no nails, no rocks, no uneven tear, and plenty of tread depth. Always keep a usable spare tire to be safe.

    Clean the Car

    Keeping the exterior clean helps you protect your car paint from the scorching heat and any damages caused by birds and insects. Use a good-quality wax.

    Add to that, you need to give extra care on cleaning your windshield. Sometimes you may not notice the building up of grime and dirt, but it can cause a haze that can diffuse the light while driving on a sunny day. Things will look sharper if you have a clean windshield.

    A good car care regiment can make financial sense in the long run. You can avoid accidents and major repairs. If you do not claim anything from your insurance, you can get a discount once it is time to renew it.