For Singles: 3 Must-Visit Destinations To Relax Near Metro Manila

Being single does not mean you are hard to love. It’s just that you tend to enjoy things
independently, and you do not depend on your happiness to other people, especially to the
opposite sex. As a single, it’s the best time to make hay while the sun shines to do
everything you love without any limitations from a partner.

If you want to have a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle in Metro Manila, here are
the destinations you must visit on holidays or even on the weekends perfect for your

Luljetta’s Hanging Place
Who says you can only enjoy spa if you’re with special someone? Anyone can have the
most-awaited relaxing getaway at Luljetta’s Hanging Place. Get a rejuvenating signature
massage for as low as Php750.00 or if things don’t go your way, do some detox activity in
Luljetta’s Hanging Place as it offers Yoga and Wellness Retreat.

If you’re in a tight budget, the second in our list when it comes to the must-visit
destinations near Manila would be the Capones Island. Accessible wide selections of
seafood and other beaches, you can never go wrong when in Zambales. Clear safe waters,
Spanish lighthouse built back in 1890 makes the island so Instagram-worthy! This is where
most of the divers and snorkelers spend their time if they are not working in an office-
based setup.

While in Batangas City, you may want to consider the recommended places are as follows:
 Casa de Segunda
 Balayan Town
 Matabungkay Beach
 Miguel Malvar Museum

You don’t have to shell out all your savings when visiting these destinations, to travel
within your budget, you can try joining other adventurers, approach a travel and tour
agency near you and find the most appropriate date for you to travel.
You can go to these places without breaking the bank!

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